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An Overview about Database-Marketing

A Definition:
Database-Marketing is a technique where you use ALL the information available within your companies databases as well as ANY useful external information to either improve or enhance your Marketing efforts, or on the other hand evaluate new markets or the potential of new products, that you plan to launch.
Database-Marketing achieves this by extensive use of database-systems and database-related tools.

To get a more detailed insight into Database-Marketing (how it works, about its tasks, which tools to use, or simply where to get support for it) select a topic from the menue on the left side.

Why should you use Database-Marketing?

  • Competition is trying even harder to capture market-share from other companies
  • Customers expect to be serviced better and more precise
  • Marketing resources (i.e. the budget) are cut down to the very minimum required
  • Mass-Marketing no longer works: customerized and individually-tailored Marketing efforts are necessary
  • ROI-calculations are getting more and more important: Marketing as an investment

If any of the above mentioned statements is true, you should seriously consider to implement Database-Marketing! Database-Marketing is a tool, that efficiently can help to improve your Marketing efforts, lets you measure results of activities, and - last not least is a perfect tool to improve customer-service.

What can Database-Marketing do for you?

  • Get to know your customers a lot better
  • Evaluate your customers value
  • Learn how to distinct between valuable customers and not that valuable ones
  • Service your customers better
  • Select target-markets for your marketing-activities more carefully
  • Calculate your customers life-time value
  • Evaluate diverse propensities indicators
  • Calculate the potential of new markets / new target-groups / new products within your database

Standard methods often cannot answer the most relevant questions of a Marketer, nor do they provide a point-and-click GUI interface for ad-hoc queries of information, that even can be handled by the primarily creativity- and certainly less systems-orientated Marketing managers.
Database-Marketing interfaces between the ad-hoc needs and the existing systems environment with all its data. It gives the marketers the unique chance to pull down information with only few mouse-clicks.

How can you profit from Database-Marketing?

  • Being more precise with one's activities saves time and resources.
  • Targeting your market-segment more precisely saves money.
  • More precise targeting increases customer-satisfaction (providing the right information at the right time to the right customer). Increasing customer-satisfaction improves business-performance in the long run.
  • Response-rates from direct-mailings will dramatically increase <=> returns will considerably decrease.
  • Costly market-researches can often be pulled down from internally available information

Database-Marketing saves time, resources and money. Even if you don't have to cut down your budget, you still have more to spend since Database-Marketing will help to waste as little as possible.

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