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  • Knowledge Based Marketing - Database Marketing, Customer Segmentation, Predictive Modeling with statistical methods
    location: United Kingdom
    contact: Paul Rowson
  • MDF Systems Inc. , Sales Support Services
    contact: Ed Burke
  • Ixonet Inc. , Database-Marketing Solution Provider
    contact: Mike Willems
  • Marketing Technologies , Marketing software, sales contact software
    contact: Stewart Duff
  • Michael Vanderlaan Marketing Analyst Market analysis/segmentation. Customer/prospect profiling & scoring. Marketing database design and implementation. Solicitation & response tracking and analysis. Return on Investment calculation. Brand management & training.
    location: Australia
    contact: Michael Vanderlaan
  • Morgan Training and Consultancy Ltd (MTC Ltd) Services - Database Design, Management, Implementation NT, HP/UX, SUN, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PC Databases
    Adhoc Analysis, Customised Database Extraction Programs available
    Location: United Kingdom
    contact: Chris Morgan
  • Infoware Systems Ltd, PO Box 2339, Wellington, New Zealand, Tel (64)(4) 801 8672, Fax(64)(4) 801 8673; Consultancy in usage and construction of direct marketing, response/lead management, systems and implementation of them.
    location: New Zealand
    contact: John Anderson
  • JLF Consulting, Database cleansing and updating, Database design
    location: Sidney, Australia
    contact: John Fossey
  • Open Minds - Italian Database Marketing Agency. Services: data needs analysis, complete database marketing model, database marketing implementation (via associate software house), advanced data analysis, Addr: Via Bullona 10 - 20154 Milan, Italy
    location: Italy, UK, Germany
    contact: Marco Deveglia
    fon: 39-2-31.15.70
    fax: 39-2-34.47.08
  • DM Software - Marketing expert-consultancy and software solutions for Dialog-Marketing (developed with PowerBuilder)
    location: Denmark (and Scandinavia)
    contact: Jørgen Klausen
  • Exchange Applications - Services provided: ValEX Marketing Management Software - a non-proprietary, open and comprehensive suite of campaign management tools for marketers; systems integration and consulting
    location: USA (international resellers in UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany)
    contact: Diane Kemp, Marketing Coordinator
    fon: 617-737-2244
    fax: 617-443-9143
  • CANOPUS Marketing Corporation - Database Marketing and Relationship Management, 8 Airlie Place, Constantia 7800, South Africa
    location: South Africe
    contact: Helmar Rudolph
    fon/fax: +27.21.794.3414
  • PSR Pacific Software Resources Ltd. - software house based in Hong Kong specializing in implementing Database Marketing Systems (solution: 'GEMS' - Customer Demographics, Psychographics, Product Purchase/Usage, Satisfaction, Advertising Promotions recieved, etc... Supports any Asian language!)
    location: Hong Kong
    contact: Ian Wallace
  • West Marketing Associates - relationship marketing and sales automation software, consulting on strategic planning/tactical planning/copy writing
    location: USA
    contact: Ed Fuller
  • Spectrum - independent consultancy located in Munich (Germany), focusses on professional use and implementation of Database Marketing and Datawarehousing.
    location: Germany
  • Transdata Database Marketing - sells database marketing software.
    location: USA
    contact: Bill W. Tippitt
  • IRE Marketing Warehouse - software package, licensed to direct marketing organizations and Fortune 100 Companies.
    location: USA
    contact: John R. Tersigni
  • The Stevens Group, Inc. - data analysis, survey work, newly formed business lists. Specialised in industries: Wholesale Distribution and Construction. Address: 2228 Kiwi Trail, Clermont, Florida 34711
    location: USA
    Contact: Matt Stevens
  • Analogue MIS cc - comprehensive mailing lists of senior businessmen throughout the country
    location: Republic of South Africa.
    contact: Tony Sham
  • Customer Management Services (CMS) Database Marketing consulting, design and management; Profiling; Modeling; Communication Programs; special solutions for several industries available
    location: US, Mexico, Vancouver
    contact: David W. Wilson, Vice President
  • Database Marketing Limited - Customer Identification, Marketing, Loyalty and Communications Programmes
    location: New Zealand, Auckland city
    contact: John Paine
  • Chailease - database-marketing related hard- and software products
    location: Taiwan
    contact: Dennis Su
  • Tempore S.A. - direct marketing and database-marketing services
    location: Peru
    contact: Marco Antonio Palao
  • Labadie Direct - Full Service Direct Marketing Agency offering: Consulting, Creative Services, List & Media Buying, Prepress, Printing & Mail Services, Internet and Database Marketing.
    location: USA
    contact: Phil Labadie
  • DMS Database Marketing Solutions - list brokerage, list management, label printing, telemarketing services
    location: Brasil
    contact: dms@stbnet.com.br - (James A. Finger / Silvia Miraldo)
  • Lori Knutson - design and re-design of databases, data management and migration
    location: *** unknown ***
    contact: Lori Knutson
  • The Professional Group Plans, Inc. - implementation and management of database-marketing systems. location: Philippines
    contact: Linus Antonio - Database Marketing Head
  • BrandmarC B.V. - marketing-communication consultancy, modeling, data analysis,data-mining
    location: Netherlands
    contact: M. Vogel
  • Direct Marketing Designs - Direct mail fulfillment and marketing, including bulk rate mailings
    location: US, Orlando/Florida
    contact: Greg Taylor
  • Talking Numbers Data based solutions Ltd. - Data analysis & modelling, Marketing Database consultancy, Data cleaning & processing
    location: UK, Cheltenham
    contact: Nigel Magson
  • Dynamic Growth Strategies - Processes for identifying trends and developments in your market, identifying and optimising your strategy, identifying key strategic and tactical measures necessary for success, structuring a franchise opportunity and identifying the key strategies
    location: South Africa, Johannesburg
    contact: Clive Stacey
  • Data Managers - Database Management, Database Creation, Analysis and Reporting, Response Management for Direct Marketing Campaigns, Assistance for DM, Response Cell
    location: India
    contact: Hemal S Patel
  • IDT Marketing Systems and Services - Marketing Data Mart products and services
    location: US, Philadelphia
    contact: Josh Rivkin
  • B2B Inc. Database marketing - "B2B" : a desktop access and analysis tool
    location: *** unknown ***
    contact: Jay Jones
  • Aspen Direct - Consultancy, Database development, Dataprocessing, Analysis and modelling, Telemarketing & fulfilment
    location: UK
    contact: John Wallinger
  • Oracle Taiwan - Database solution providor
    location: Taiwan
    contact: Kevin Huang
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Are you already providing Database-Marketing services? Do you want to get listed on this site? Read the details how you can get added to this list!

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