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Where do you get support for implementing Database-Marketing?

Of course ... you can get support from the team that stands behind this Web-site for any of the below mentioned topics and more! Although we are located in the center of Europe, we offer on-line support for questions you might have concerning:

  • implementing Database-Marketing
  • designing a database-model
  • using Database-Marketing at advanced levels

Currently this feature is FREE (though depending on the work-load that might arise from offering this support), since we like to spread the idea of Database-Marketing! So just drop a note to the Web-Master stating your problem (but please do not forget to provide some basic background information as well).


Please understand that we cannot handle complete projects just by on-line support! If you're interested in having Database-Marketing implemented at your company as a full project, contact the project-team for an offer.

Try contacting your local representative of the major RDBMS-providers (relational database management system). Below you will find the most popular providers of relational database-systems:

Data-Analysis for database-design
Remember - depending on the design of your database and its functionality you will be able to fulfill specific tasks or not. So choose your partner for data-analysis and database-design rather carefully!

Typically you can get support from the database-provider himself. Most often they have a specialized project-team that will help you to design your database for both storage-space and performance.

Additionally you may want to talk to external systems-specialists who already have done some DBMS-implementation. (This is sometimes quite useful so you can better compare the prices for implementation !)

Analysis of your data

"Get to understand your data very thoroughly. Know the information it can provide AND its limitations!"

Always remember that YOU are the person who understands the market that you are working in! Even if you ask highly specialized external experts for support during implementation, do NOT expect them to understand your business as thoroughly as you do!

Especially if it comes to the point which data is relevant (and therefor will be stored in the database) and which not, you may face some tough argumentations, since systems-oriented people often tend to underestimate the information packed into some little data.

Do NOT sacrifice data that is relevant for you for the sake of a satisfied programer! But always be ready to ask yourself very seriously:

  • Can you get the data? (i.e. from future customers?)
  • Can you keep it up to date? (or will it be a one-time snapshot?)
  • Will you honestly be able to use it for marketing activities? (or do you just like the fact to have it?)

Design and implementation of marketing-activities

Certainly there are heaps of marketing- and advertising-agencies around you, willing to take any opportunity to get hold of your marketing-budget. If you decide for one of them, always take into consideration that the promotion they offer you has to:

  • fit into your Database-Marketing strategy
  • be able to use the treasures you have stored in your database
  • be tightly tailored to the customer-selection performed by your database
  • use the functionality offered by Database-Marketing:
    • test- and control-groups
    • multi-stage promotions
    • tracking of results
    • different approaches for different customer-values
    • etc. ...


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