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If you have questions about implementation of Database-Marketing, we currently offer FREE SUPPORT online regarding any question of either implementing or using Database-Marketing!

Please also understand, that we still cannot handle full projects by offering you online support (we are still a business ;-) ) - though we would be pleased to calculate a project offer for you!

This offer for free support online of course is subject to change!

Project offer

If you want an offer about implementing Database-Marketing at your company, please send a short e-mail to the project-team. Please also include some background information about:

  • your company
  • your market (# of customers, products, ...)
  • information you would like to include in the Database-Marketing environment
  • your system-environment today
  • the future platform on which you are planning to implement Database-Marketing
  • estimations of amount of data you are currently dealing with

And most important:

  • what you expect from Database-Marketing
  • which improvements you want to implement
  • the types of strategy you would like to implement
  • which additional data you will require
  • etc. ...

Advertising on this Web-site

This is a brand new web-site, so we currently cannot provide statistical information about hits per day (or even per hour ;-) ), though we will include this as soon as it is available and we will publish this information within this site (corresponding icons and links will guide you there when finished).

If you're interested to advertise on this site, please contact the Web-Master for details

Getting a Link to Your Site

Since we already had some questions whether we would include a link to an external web-site: in general YES, but we reserve the right to check the site very thoroughly whether it can meet our requirements or not.

In return we expect your site to also provide a link to this web-site.

So do not hesitate to send a short note to the Web-Master sending the URL of your site and some description of your business.

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